About Kimia

Our History

Our History as a specialist supplier of high quality solvents dates back to the 19th century. James Burrough, a pharmacist, established his specialist alcohols company in 1863.

The business evolved and soon began the distribution of absolute alcohol and methylated spirits to the UK market, becoming one of the earliest suppliers of the product in the 1900s.

Christopher Hayman, the great grandson of James Burrough has overseen the growth and development of the company since 1987.

Global Leader

Our products are used in the most demanding applications in regard to quality and service, including pharmaceutical, cosmetics and laboratory chemicals. We supply across the UK and we are also an important niche supplier to the Indian sub-continent, the Far East and the Middle East and North Africa.

Kimia is renowned as a quality supplier, consolidator and trader of premium solvents, pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients. This is testament to the partnerships we have developed and the reputation of our products, service and reliability.