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ASDA Launches New Bacon-Flavoured Chips

The food industry is incredibly competitive these days, which is why it is no surprise that manufacturers have to continue creating exciting, interesting and tasty new products to keep customers buying from them.

That is why retail giant ASDA has launched its new bacon-flavoured chips in their stores, giving Brits the chance to enjoy two of the most popular tastes together.

These French fries have been seasoned with smoke flavouring and onion powder to create that bacon taste, and have ‘extra crunchy’ skin on the chips to make them particularly irresistible.

An additional selling point of these chips is that despite being bacon-flavoured, they are entirely vegetarian, meaning even those who cannot indulge in real bacon can enjoy these fries.

They are priced at £1.50 for a 500g pack of chips, which amounts to four portions, making it an affordable choice for customers.

The fries also only take 18 minutes to cook from frozen, so everyone can enjoy them – including those who want a quick, cheap meal.

What’s more, despite bacon-flavoured chips feeling like an indulgent side dish, Good To Know revealed that each portion is just 144 calories and only has half a gram of saturated fat. The potato skin also contains fibre, B vitamins, riboflavin, potassium, iron and calcium, which means consumers do not have feel too guilty when tucking into them.

This comes after Heinz launched its own ketchup caviar, containing tomatoes, vinegar, salt, sugar, celery, herbs and spices, making it a vegan alternative to traditional caviar, reported VegNews.

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