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Cosmetics Firm Praised For New Foundation Display

The vast majority of cosmetics companies tend to list the lightest shades of their foundation first, followed by the darker ones. But one cosmetics company has turned this on its head – and is receiving a lot of praise as a result.

It appears that the decision by Beauty Bakerie is gathering a lot of attention. The brand has chosen to list its darkest shade of foundation at number one, with the lightest at the end of the list at number 59.

Many shoppers have praised the change, describing it as a small alteration but an important one.

Founder of Beauty Bakerie Cashmere Nicole told Teen Vogue that the aim is to give people of colour a “refreshing experience”.

“For black women in particular, we are reminded everywhere we go, on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times throughout the day, that we are second,” she asserted.

Ms Nicole cited the example of having to bend down to the bottom shelf to find their shade of foundation or concealer, or to scroll through to the bottom of the list on a website.

The company has also pointed out that it’s about a wider issue, in that consumers have been conditioned to believe that labelling shades from dark to light makes them out of order, when in fact any other colour gradient is typically displayed in this way.

Whether other beauty brands choose to follow suit remains to be seen though.

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