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Diet Coke Announces Clementine Flavour For Christmas

Diet Coke fans will be able to enjoy their favourite drink with a twist this Christmas, as a new clementine flavour is being launched for the festive season.

The citrus-tinged beverage will be available to buy from stores around the UK from mid-October, giving shoppers two months to stock up on the drink before Christmas Day.

Marketing director at Coca-Cola Great Britain Kris Robbens told the Birmingham Mail: “For current fans of the brand who love new flavours and those who are looking for something new during the festive season, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new limited-edition flavour, Diet Coke Clementine.”

Coca-Cola, no doubt, added the clementine twist, as it is one of the strongest, most notable flavours of the festive season, with chocolate-orange being synonymous with Christmas sweets, and lots of citrus zest added to Yuletide puddings.

Indeed, the role of the clementine at Christmas – and particularly why they are typically given in stockings – stems from when St Nicholas used to leave little presents of nuts and apples for children in the 16th Century, according to the Financial Times.

Mr Robbens added: “Full of festive flavour and with no sugar, it’s the perfect drink for the lead-up to Christmas.”

However, despite Coca-Cola trying to reinvent its winning formula to score more sales in the festive shopping frenzy, its new flavour has received some criticism.

Elves Fairies And Me wrote a comment on Christmas UK’s tweet announcing the new beverage, saying: “Not as nice or as festive as last year, would much rather have the cinnamon one back.”

Last year, the drinks company launched its Coca-Cola zero sugar Cinnamon limited edition flavour, guaranteed to get “taste buds feeling festive” before Christmas.

This is the time of the year many big food manufacturers consider using monopropylene glycol to jazz up their traditional flavours with Christmas-themed ones ahead of the holiday season.