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Drinks Giant Sets Up ‘Gin Hub’ For Business

You might be forgiven for thinking that French drinks producer Pernod Ricard is already putting their ethanol supplier to good use in creating quality gins, after all, the company already produces gins such as Beefeater, Plymouth and Seagram’s.

However, the producer has only just started with its gin offerings, according to a story by The Drinks Business. In fact, Pernod Ricard has just launched ‘The Gin Hub’ – an arm of the business set up as a stand alone entity which has been tasked with capitalising on the emerging opportunities the gin market presents. 

Former marketing director Sophie Gallois has been tasked with taking their gin brands forward, after sales growth of 4 per cent for their biggest brand of gin, Beefeater, in the last year. 

Of course, gin has seen incredible growth in general in recent years, in emerging markets such as Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, South Africa and France, but no place more than the UK, which is predicted to see exports of £500 million of gin before the end of 2017. 

Gallois recognises the need to be able to be swift within this market, which is why the Gin Hub was set up: “[It] really is a great move that’s going to give more focus to gin with three key objectives; the co-ordination of brands, to work differently, and to win market share. We are going to be working in a more agile, entrepreneurial way,” she said. 

She also revealed that a new gin product would be revealed in October this year, but was tight-lipped on the details of this product for now.