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ePURE Members Produce 5.6bn Litres Of Ethanol In 2019

European renewable ethanol association (ePURE) members produced 5.6 billion litres of ethanol and 5.33 million tonnes of co-products in 2019, according to newly released data from the association.

An ePURE press release confirms the vital role that European renewable ethanol biorefineries play in achieving EU Green Deal objectives for reducing emissions.

From the total ethanol output from ePure members last year, over 82 per cent was for fuel use, which brings over 72 per cent greenhouse gas savings compared to fossil fuels. From the remaining ethanol production, 9.2 per cent was for food and beverage uses, and 8.5 per cent was for industrial applications, including the manufacture of hand sanitiser.

As well as renewable ethanol, ePURE members’ refineries produced 5.33 million tonnes of co-products, such as 3.83 million tonnes of high-protein, GMO-free animal feed and 0.8 million tonnes of captured CO2.

Nearly all (over 99 per cent) of the feedstock used in the production of ethanol by ePure members, for example, cereals, sugars, wastes and residues, was grown or sourced in Europe.

Emmanuel Desplechin, Secretary-General of ePURE, the European renewable ethanol association, said: “Europe’s renewable ethanol industry continues to grow its contribution to EU Green Deal objectives: producing low-carbon fuel to reduce emissions from road transport and high-protein, GMO-free animal feed to reduce the need for imported soybean meal”.

ePURE represents 36 members, including 19 producers, with around 50 plants in 16 EU member states, accounting for about 85 per cent of EU renewable ethanol production.

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