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Firm Launches Là Moit Antibacterial Perfume

A Taiwanese company has launched Là Moit, an antibacterial body fragrance that it describes as the ‘perfect COVID perfume’.

The Daily Mail reports that Là Moit was initially launched in December 2020, and the 99.9 per cent antibacterial perfume is available in three different FDA-approved and lab-tested scents.

Lam Sing Wai Harddie, the company’s founder said his team developed the perfumes during the pandemic, choosing the fragrances to help people find their ‘happy place’ in a chaotic world.

On the Là Moit website, Harddie said: “As the pandemic continued to take its toll on our community, with many of us adhering to social distancing guidelines, I was left with plenty of ‘me time’ to focus on my own needs and wellbeing

“While I was walking home one day, I was intrigued by an earthy balsamic aroma full of dynamics. It was refreshing, energetic, and it calmed my mind and wiped away the negative feelings I had. With no luck in finding similar scents in perfumes and candles, I created my own — LÀ MOIT was born.”

But Harddie also wanted to create an innovative way to fight off germs and viruses as well as providing a pleasant scent.

The vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free perfumes are made with antibacterial ingredients, including benzalkonium chloride and food-grade corn-based ethanol – 75 per cent alcohol – which dilutes the scent of the perfume.

Independent lab tests by Swiss firm SGS has confirmed that the perfume has a 99.9 per cent antibacterial effectiveness after 48 hours.

The scents include:

  • After Bathe – base notes of sandalwood and vetiver; middle notes of rose de mai and jasmine; and top notes of ylang-ylang, neroli, aldehyde.
  • A Little Walk – base notes of patchouli, woods, and musk; middle notes of rose and jasmine; and top notes of citrus, lemon, and peach.
  • Calm Birch – base notes of oakmoss, musk, black vanilla, and ambergris; middle notes of patchouli, birch, rose, and Moroccan jasmine; and top notes of blackcurrant, bergamot, apple, and pineapple.

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