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Gin ‘Stands Out’ In Summer 2017

Gin continues to be the darling of the bar order, with sales of the spirit increasing to the year-end July 2017, surpassing the £500 million mark in the off-trade for the very first time.

This is according to the latest data from the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA) reported in The Spirits Business, in which gin was a ‘standout performer’ in the off-trade, outselling rum and speciality spirits for the fourth quarter in a row.

“It is hard to put one’s finger on exactly when gin suddenly became a thing but in my mind it is linked to a wider movement of localness, smallness of production, different flavours and authenticity,” WSET certified spirits educator and product development manager of spirits and sake at WSET Nick King said.

A neutral grain spirit from a trusted supplier is essential for any smaller distillers making their way into the gin industry, and as gin is a relatively fast-to-produce spirit, there are more smaller distilleries appearing in the UK.

“Production and demand are in strong growth, which inevitably attracts more people to the party,” WSET certified spirits educator and master distiller at the Cambridge Distillery William Lowe was quoted as saying.

As well as more small gin makers appearing on the scene, vodka-making is being encouraged by Our/Vodka, which has launched a DIY vodka infusion kit for inspired imbibers to get creative and make their own spirits.

The flavours of oak, juniper, citrus and tea all come with instructions for infusion times, to help vodka-lovers to infuse their spirits with just the right amount of intensity.