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Irn Bru Launch Spiced Ginger Christmas Edition

Scottish favourite Irn Bru have launched a limited-edition version of its traditional drink, flavoured with spiced ginger.

Irn Bru fans will be anticipating trying the new drink which is due to hit shelves this Christmas season, and hopefully will be just the thing to help deal with those Christmas and Hogmanay hang overs.

Flavoured with ginger, cloves and cinnamon the drink will be available in 500ml and 2litre bottles, just like the classic flavour.

Store owners told Scottish Sun Online: “We are expecting it in store over the next week or so.

“People are already going crazy for the 1901 release and now this, it’s just exploding.”

While Irn Bru bosses said: “Whether you’re naughty or nice, hold onto your reindeer, there’s something special on the list for Christmas.”

Ginger and spices have been traditionally associated with Christmas for a long time, as they have been used to spice traditional Christmas foods such as cakes, puddings and mince pies for hundreds of years.

Gingerbread has been made to celebrate various Christian festivals across Europe since the Middle Ages. Cloves have been used in pomanders which are used to decorate at Christmas time and cinnamon has been used in the winter months as a warming spice.

This limited-edition release follows the decision by Coca Cola to launch a clementine flavoured Coca Cola this year.

This is a classic example of food manufacturers using monopropylene glycol in their products to create interesting limited-edition flavours for fans of their foods.