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John Lewis In Hot Water Over ‘Back To School’ Make Up Class

There’s no doubt as suppliers of trade specific denatured alcohol, we know first hand how the growth of the cosmetics industry is bolstering business, and much of this comes from a younger generation really getting to grips with make-up in a new way. From Youtubers to beauty influencers, young people experimenting with make up has become more widely accepted and even nurtured as a potential, yet competitive, career path from an early age.

However, it seems that marketing to a young audience still comes with some controversy, after this week a John Lewis & Partners department store made headlines for offering a ‘back to school’ make up class.

According to The Guardian, the event, which was set to be held at John Lewis & Partners Bluewater in collaboration with make-up brand Mac Cosmetics, was cancelled after it received criticism from parents.

Complaints ranged from the event being ‘inappropriate’ for focussing on treatments for children, to encouraging young people to flout no make-up rules, which the majority of schools have in place.

Ella Smillie, the head of policy and campaigns at the Fawcett Society said that the event sent out the wrong message: “parents will be justifiably angry that companies are adding to the pressure their children are under to conform to gender stereotypes around appearances, instead of focusing on their education,” she explained.

John Lewis said that the event had been organised in isolation by the Mac concession in question, and that as the brand does not market to under 16s, it should never have been arranged in the first place.