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KitKat Launches Chilli Crab Flavour Chocolate

Many of us are familiar with the craze for chilli chocolate, and the combination of spice and sugar is one that has been around for centuries.

However, Nestle has stepped it up a gear by introducing its new KitKat flavour – Singapore chilli crab.

An article in the Straits Times revealed the unique flavour will only be sold at a pop-up store in Singapore, perhaps due to the fact that locals are more familiar with the flavouring.

Those in the Asian country can head to KitKat Chocolatory in VivoCity to sample the new chocolate, which was created in conjunction with locals Joy Chiam and Germaine Li from local Patisserie Cle.

As well as Singapore chilli crab, the store will sell salted egg yolk and kopitiam breakfast flavours.

KitKat Chocolatory first launched to introduce the Singaporean public to its ruby chocolate flavour of KitKat.

The berry-flavoured chocolate that has a pinkish colour became popular in Japan last January, as well as South Korea, before Nestle decided to extend the offering to Singapore.

It seems that Asia is more open to the option of unusual KitKat flavours, as cherry blossom, blueberry cheesecake, and Okinawa sweet potato are some of the varieties of KitKat that can currently be found in Japan.

Earlier this month, Nestle convinced many fans that it was launching a KitKat flavoured tea. However, it was simply an April’s Fool prank, with a spokesperson for the brand saying: “Sadly, KitKat tea remains a distant fantasy for now.”

To help develop new flavours you will require ethanol 96 or monopropylene glycol. Get in touch with us today for more information on these products.