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Kraken Remains Amazon’s Best Selling Rum

Bio ethanol can keep machines running, but rum is what keeps us running after a long cold week.

The country has been gripped by the Beast from the East, an unusually cold storm which has brought with it significant travel disruption and cold, miserable weather.

A spiced rum is just the thing to warm yourself up, and Kraken is just the rum to do it.

Spiced rums are fairly under-represented in the best seller list, which makes Kraken’s emergence as’s best seller, even more interesting.

Made of a Trinidanian base, the rum is described as a black rum with notes of cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla and orange peel. The manufacturers suggest drinking it neat over ice or with coke or ginger beer, which would really send the spiciness through the roof.

We personally think it makes the perfect dark and stormy, when mixed with ginger beer, lime and a drop or three of bitters, over loads of ice.

Not only is Kraken Amazon’s best-selling rum, it is also its highest rated rum. The rum has a huge number of five star reviews from satisfied customers. In fact, 87 per cent of the reviews are 5 star and just 1 per cent are just one or two star reviews.

Many praise the unusual Kraken bottle, which is in the shape of a Victorian flagon, with two round handles on the top, that would allow you to hang it if on-board a ship!