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L’Oreal Buys Vegan Cosmetic Company

Cosmetics giant L’Oreal is capitalising on the growing trend for environmentally-friendly goods by buying a company that manufactures vegan beauty products.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported how L’Oreal has bought Logocos Naturkosmetik to appeal to its vegan fanbase across Germany and the rest of Western Europe.

Among the products you might recognise from Logocos Naturkosmetik are Sante and Logona for hair and skincare. These will now come under L’Oreal’s umbrella for mass-market production.

This is not the brand’s first foray into plant-based products, as it has been adapting its merchandise to steer away from chemicals and use more natural processes for a while.

Earlier in 2018, it launched Botanea that provides items for salons, which is produced from plants in India.

In addition to this, it is already the proprietor of other animal-friendly businesses, including Sanoflore, and it once owned The Body Shop in the UK.

Producing cosmetic products that are totally vegan is complicated, as there are lots of ingredients that have been taken from animals due to their unique properties.

Among these ingredients are castoreum, a secretion from the anal glands of beavers that is regularly used in perfumes and cosmetics because it smells of vanilla. In order for castoreum to be used, a beaver has to be killed.

Shellac is also an animal product, created by the resin produced by female lac insects. As well as in nail polish, it is often utilised in mascara, hairspray and eyeliner.

Lanolin, which can be found in lipbalm, shaving, haircare and baby products, is made by sheep to waterproof their wool as it has strong moisturising properties.

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