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M&S Launches Pre-Made Cocktails For Christmas

Marks and Spencer has been working hard on its festive range of food and drink, and has launched pre-made cocktails for the Christmas season. 

The retailer has been busy over the last few months creating the perfect recipes so customers can purchase a ready-made margarita, passion star martini, espresso martini, clover club, aged rum, cacao old fashioned, and golden negroni. 

Consumers can buy the ‘Marksologist’ collection of six cocktails for £108, but Marks and Spencer intends to sell each beverage separately closer to December 25th. 

Those who love chocolate and a digestif when the nights draw in are also bound to enjoy its new Golden Cream Liqueur. The silky caramel-flavoured beverage can be teamed perfectly with the entire Golden Blond range, which will be new to customers too. This includes Golden Blond chocolate spread, Panettone and Florentines. 

Chocolate fans will also enjoy M&S’ unique Christmas Pudding Truffles, combining two popular flavours over the festive season. These fruity chocolate bombs with just a hint of alcohol are sure to be a hit with customers over the next few months. 

As Christmas shopping begins earlier and earlier each year, consumers can already start shopping for their favourite decorations, fragrances, gifts, drinks and food at Marks and Spencer. 

Another flavour that will fly off the shelves this winter is Ben & Jerry’s Minter Wonderland ice-cream. Though not new, this is back by popular demand due to its festive-inspired ingredients. 

These include peppermint ice-cream with large chocolate chunks. The classic combination is as popular as ever, even during the colder months, as co-founder Ben explained “you could feel warmer when it’s chilly by lowering [your] inner body temperature, so it’s more balanced with the outside temperature”. 

For more information on MPG suppliers to create new flavours, get in touch today.