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New Biofuel Alternative To Diesel Developed

There is a growing focus on reducing emissions both in the UK and elsewhere around the world, with the transport sector widely considered to be one of the most polluting.

That means there is an opportunity to reduce emission levels if this sector decarbonises, and one of the ways to do that is to see a greater adoption of biofuels in place of traditional petrol and diesel.

GreenD+ is a new biofuel that can be used as an alternative to diesel and it’s one that has been developed by London-based company Green Biofuels, AZO Cleantech reported.

This new fuel is created from hydrotreated vegetable oil and it has a similar chemical structure to diesel, as well as offering the same performance, but without producing nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and CO2 emissions.

Using this fuel cuts CO2 emissions by up to 90 per cent, the news provider revealed, while particulate matter is 85 per cent lower when GreenD+ is used, and nitrogen oxide emissions drop by 30 per cent.

It can also be used in existing equipment and vehicles that typically use diesel fuel without the need for any upgrades. The company is planning to roll it out across the construction sector and for rail transport too.

John Cox is the rail division managing director of VolkerFitzpatrick, which has adopted GreenD+. He said it was a “hidden gem of a product”. “The ability to use a total drop replacement fuel without any capital expenditure or changes to any of our equipment was a significant reason for adopting GreenD+,” he asserted. 

Earlier this year, Biofuels International reported that companies working on developing new biofuels would be eligible to apply for funding under the government’s Clean Growth Fund.

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