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One Bottle Of Gin Bought For Every Adult in 2017

Organic grain alcohol is what is needed to get the party started, not that Brits need any encouragement.

People in the UK bought enough gin last year to give every adult in the country a bottle. Christmas was behind the biggest boom in gin sales, with the festive period seeing sales rise by £104 million more than the previous year, figures revealed by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) showed.

That means a total of 16 million bottles of gin, at a total value of over £400 million were sold in the final part of 2017. That is an awful lot of gin and tonics, in fact it is 28 per cent more than in 2016.

Much of the growth in the popularity of gin is due to the number of artisan distilleries that have cropped up in recent years, with many UK-based companies creating new and exciting gin varieties. Many gin aficionados are starting to collect and taste gin similarly to how many people will collect and taste wine.

There are now a total of 315 distilleries in the UK, with many opening up in urban areas, where gin was traditionally and originally made.

Gin sales have also boosted sales of gin-related items such as glasses and mixers. There is a whole new market of luxury mixers out there, which has certainly boosted the popularity of gin drinkers, both in the supermarket and at the pub.