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‘One-Drink Bars’ On The Rise

If you’re using organic grain alcohol to produce a craft spirit, such as gin or rum, you’ll be looking to sell this into bars, to raise awareness of your product and increase your profits, as well as selling to consumers.

Of course, finding your spot in a bar can be difficult, as you’ll be competing with well-known brands for limited shelf-space, however, a rise in ‘one-drink bars’ is bringing with it the opportunity for more and more craft spirits to find their place and audience.

‘One-drink bars’ are establishments that specialise in one certain beverage – the likes of gin, tequila and Prosecco bars are particularly dominant at the moment. While historically bar and restaurants have tried to cover a wide range of options, so that everyone can find something they like, it seems that we’re making our choices before we’ve even left the house, finding a place to suit our needs. Consumer’s are more and more bonding over their shared interests, forming the basis of their social activities.

According to The Telegraph, there’s a school of thought that as more and more options become available in every aspects of our lives, we’re getting sick of having to make so many decisions – a one drink bar, or even one dish restaurant, gives us a framework to start to limit these options down to a sensible amount.

The rise in appreciation of artisan products is also undoubtedly leading the trend, giving consumers the chance to sample new products outside of their usual repertoire without having to invest in a whole bottle.