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Orkney Rum Distillery Hoping For Success

There’s no doubt that rum is a spirit that’s been steadily growing in popularity. In fact, last month the Telegraph even went so far as to suggest that 2017 could be the year of rum, much like 2016 was dubbed the year of gin.

With more and more people drinking rum, and becoming more discerning in their tastes, it stands to reason that those who already use organic grain alcohol to produce other alcoholic beverages would diversify into rum production.

The Spirits Business reported on the launch of a golden spiced rum from Orkney’s first rum distillery. VS Distillers, which is run by Collin van Schayk who is the son of the founders of Orkney Wine Company, has launched its first rum this month.

J.Gow Rum, which is named after an Orcadian pirate, is said to blend a number of flavours and spices from around the world, including citrus, cinnamon and vanilla. However, Collin is keeping two of the ingredients in his blend a secret, saying only that they are “locally grown”.

VS Distillers is located on the uninhabited island of Lamb Holm, where Collin has installed two 2,000 litre molasses fermentation and distillation stills.

He commented: “It’s a first for Orkney and fits in well with the seafaring traditions of the islands, and our location on the shore of Lamb Holm.”

The official launch of the J. Gow Rum took place in Kirkwall on 21 October, although Collin intends to have an entire range of rums in the future. According to the company’s website, the best way to enjoy its first rum is over ice with a slice of orange.