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Our/Vodka Launches Home Infusion Kits

Vodka is a popular spirit in bars around the UK, used as a base for countless cocktails and in recent years there’s been a growing move towards more unusual flavours of the spirit appearing on bar menus.

Now Our/Vodka hopes to bring about a change in the market for the beverage with the launch of its DIY vodka infusion kits, Drinks Retailing Newsreported.

There will be four kits on sale – with the new range being launched later this month – each one offering vodka lovers the chance to infuse their own bottle of the spirit. The flavours to infuse with will be oak, juniper, citrus and tea.

The different flavours have different infusion times, ranging from ten minutes for the citrus and tea varieties, to eight to 15 hours for the juniper and oak infusions.

Co-founder and creative director of the firm Kalle Soderquist explained that the company has seen “endless creativity” among the bartending community in recent years and believes that more and more people will want to add their own touches to classic cocktails at home.

She added that the Our/Vodka infusion kits will allow “the end consumer to create something entirely new from a bottle of Our/Vodka”.

Any company that sells premium spirits needs to start with the highest quality organic grain alcohol to create their spirit and ensure it has the right flavour.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to vodka infusion and different flavours for the spirit, with TimeOut reporting on a kale infused vodka last month. LA-based firm VING Vodka created the flavour, which is infused with kale, lemon peel and cucumber, after setting out to provide “the cleanest, highest-quality sipping vodka on the market”.