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Plant-Based Food Sales Set To Rise During Veganuary

Veganuary has enjoyed a stratospheric rise into the mainstream since its conception in 2014. It is now a large non-profit organisation that promotes awareness of veganism, encouraging people to follow a diet free of meat, fish and dairy products. Last year, 350,000 took part in Veganuary.

This year, the Guardian reports that stars such as Paul McCartney and Chris Packham have signed up to encourage people to adopt a vegan lifestyle. An open letter written by the Veganuary association states: “We cannot tackle climate change while we farm and eat animals on an industrial scale”.

Chris Packham links meat eating to the climate crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, but is not calling for the whole population to turn vegan. He comments: “The people I call ultra-vegans just want to stop all meat consumption overnight. But that would be no good for meat farmers.”

He continues: “It would be no good for our landscapes, where low-intensity, good-quality animal husbandry and livestock farming are actually good for biodiversity. What we need is a transition where we eat less meat and pay more for it so we can put the profit in the farmer’s pocket.”

Those experimenting with a vegan diet no longer have to miss out on their favourite foods. There are dozens of vegan food companies starting up every year, offering vegan versions of everything from alternative milkshakes, to meat-free sausages, and vitamin boost drinks to top up the immune system.

According to a report in British Baker, retailers have boosted their bakery ranges in preparation for Veganuary 2021. Supermarkets such as Aldi and Tesco are launching new plant-based products, including pretzel rolls and onion bhaji wraps. Both chains already have their own vegan ranges which offer plant-based versions of popular products.

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