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Poll Reveal UK’s Favourite Craft Gins

With a boom in the market, it’s as good a time to be an ethanol supplier as it is to create your own craft gin product. Last year, for the first time on record, the treasury made more money from spirit sales than those of beer, and Brits bought up a total of 47 million bottles of gin. However, with more and more products flooding the market, for consumers it will get harder and harder to pick between.

Gin tasting events are a popular way for consumers to taste and identify their favourite gins, but otherwise, anyway for a craft gin to get some notoriety is sure to help sales. Well, the Craft Gin Club has now polled its 33,000 subscribers to find their favourite craft tipple, according to The Telegraph.

In first place is Batch Premium Gin, which has notes of Frankincense and myrrh to give it a twist of spice. Second place went to Gunpowder Gin, which has citrus, spice and gunpowder tea notes, and third place is Marylebone Gin, which has citrus and floral undertones.

While this study only represents a small part of the gin-buying market, these are the most engaged gin-drinkers, and therefore perhaps the most likely to recommend product to help grow a product’s reach.

While, of course, there’s no merit in trying to recreate these popular gins, it helps to direct your eye towards trends in consumption of this product. According to the study, juniper and citrus-led flavours were individually the most popular, while gins with ‘earthy’ tastes were more divisive.