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Potato Milk Set To Be 2022’s Big Food Trend

Every year, the food industry comes up with new flavours that take consumers by storm. It seems that 2022 is no different, with several trends set to emerge within the sector, including potato milk.

According to the annual Waitrose Food & Drink report, which was released earlier this week (October 26th), this will become hugely popular over the next 12 months. 

The plant-based drink is made from potato, water, salt, and vanilla extract or an alternative sweetener. The ingredients are blended to form a milk that can be used as a beverage, or added to cereal, hot drinks and smoothies.

Food52 says this vegan produce can also be made with sweet potatoes for those wanting a sweeter flavour.

While it might not seem that appealing to many people, the fact that it is plant-based and can be made at home could be a hit with lots of consumers, with the blog stating: “Will potayto-potahto milk become oat milk’s greatest nemesis? Perhaps. Change is in the air.”

The Waitrose findings also revealed other trends that will take over the food industry in 2022, including umami and craft pre-batched bottled cocktails.

According to Chris Whiting from Synergy Flavours, which conducts research into produce that is growing in popularity, tropical flavours will be replicated in lots of foods. This is due to continued travel restrictions and people wanting to experience the taste of the exotic without being able to fly there.

When it comes to companies producing new goods, Mr Whiting told New Food Magazine that manufacturers are also focusing on creating nostalgic flavours.

“There has been a resurgence of sweetshop and fairground-associated flavours,” he commented, adding: “The nostalgic influence will only grow in the coming months as consumers seek comfort from sentimental flavours associated with their childhoods.

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