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The UK’s Favourite Fragrances For Love Revealed

Perfume manufacturers using high grade dipropylene glycol in their processes may want to pay close attention to new research revealing the UK’s favourite fragrances, which may well inform their choices when it comes to bringing new products to market.

The study of 2,000 adults, commissioned by Yankee Candle, found that old books, rain and biscuits, as well as Sunday roasts, baked bread and bonfires all help to get them in the mood for love. Autumnal smells like gingerbread, mulled wine and log fires were also popular choices, as were more traditional smells like perfume, flowers and aftershave, the Sun reports.

Other scents featuring on the list include fresh linen, coffee, vanilla, whisky, cherry, chocolate, saffron, mixed spices and cinnamon.

Cognitive neuroscientist and psychologist Dr Lynda Shaw was quoted by the news source as saying: “When we inhale a scent it reaches the olfactory receptor cells at the top of our nose and then travels to the limbic system in our brains, resulting in chemical and physical stimulation.

“The limbic system is associated with memory, emotion and mood which therefore explains why our sense of scent plays such a powerful role in physical attraction.”

Interestingly, it might be worth changing your marketing efforts as well, as previous research from Showers To You and Fragrantica recently found that women are increasingly choosing traditionally masculine scents, particularly aromatic notes like spice or wood.

And not only that, it was found that 55 per cent of women see these smells as their signature scent, compared to the 43 per cent who said they prefer floral scents.