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What Do You Think Of Ketchup Caviar?

As we approach Valentine’s Day, many brands go all out to push themed products designed to get us in a loved up mood.

Heinz has developed a rather unusual product this year: ketchup caviar. The product won’t be on general sale though and will instead be given out to 150 people as part of its social media campaign.

The winners won’t only get to try the ketchup caviar. They’ll be treated to a special Valentine’s breakfast on 14 February, complete with a glass of champagne.

Marketing manager at Heinz Joel Hughes commented: “Heinz Ketchup Caviar has been created not only to allow Heinz Tomato Ketchup lovers to join in with the celebration of 150 years of Heinz, but also to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

VegNews reported on the new product, explaining that the company has used molecular gastronomy to create this vegan alternative to traditional caviar.

The small, red pearls of the condiment certainly look the part in their stylish jars, and they contain tomatoes, vinegar, salt, sugar, celery, herbs and spices. According to the manufacturer, the ketchup caviar can be used in the same way as the traditional version of the condiment, or “as a tomato-tinged replacement for fish-based caviar atop classier dishes”.

Of course, Heinz is far from the only company to be launching a Valentine’s themed product. British Baker recently revealed that Aryzta is jumping on the bandwagon with its limited edition heart-shaped jam doughnut.

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