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Violet Gin Top Selling Tipple On Amazon UK

Sweet Violet Gin, which is made by a distillery in Manchester, has been named as the best-selling spirit on Amazon UK.

The Daily Mail revealed that the unusual tipple, which is distilled by Zymurgorium, has outsold a host of bigger brands on the online shopping site, including Tanqueray, Gordon’s and Johnnie Walker.

According to the newspaper, the violet gin has also received a host of positive, five-star reviews on the retail platform, with satisfied customers praising the flavour, as well as the fact that it’s made in Manchester.

The makers recommend serving it with lemonade, or using it like Creme de Violette to mix cocktails. In fact, the news provider noted that Swansea’s The Morgans Hotel has done exactly that, creating a violet cocktail for those looking for something different on an evening out.

To make flavoured gin, you need to start with the highest quality neutral grain spirit. Zymurgorium has no doubt got this sorted, and a new distillery in Surrey will also require a steady supply of this base ingredient.

Get Surrey reported on the opening of the Elstead Village Distillers, where you can not only buy bottles of their Thundry Hills Gin, but also create a bespoke gin with your own flavours. This could be especially appealing to bars or restaurants, giving them a unique and branded spirit to serve to customers.

Visitors to the distillery will be invited to try the two Thundry Hills varieties – Original, which has a “smooth caraway and sweet orange botanicals” in its flavour, and the Sanctuary, which is spicier due to the fact that it’s made with more juniper and coriander seeds, as well as a little black pepper.