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Walker’s Launches New Flavours For Jubilee

Walker’s crisps has joined the millions of people around the UK celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by launching two new flavours.

The British brand opted for two very traditional flavours for their new premium crisp range Sensations, Spit roast Pork and Apple Sauce and Baked Cheese and Sweet Honey.

Marketing manager for Sensations Lynn Grant said in a statement: “As possibly Britain’s poshest crisp, we’re so excited about launching these new limited-edition flavours to bring consumers together to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.”

Its marketing campaign featured Georgia Toffolo from Made in Chelsea, whom Ms Grant said is “the perfect fit for our poshest-ever campaign”.

In addition to the new two flavours, Walker’s Sensations released its existing crisps in limited edition Jubilee packs.

Although they were launched ahead of the bank holiday weekend, there are likely to be some left on the shelves to grab before they sell out.

Another well-established brand has announced it is to market a new flavour soon, after Maltesers revealed shoppers will be able to buy its confectionary in dark chocolate from June 20th.

This is the first flavour alteration for Maltesers in nearly ten years, with Maltesers Dark having 65 per cent more cocoa and 30 per cent less sugar.

Brand director for Maltesers Leah Dyckes said there has been a strong demand for dark chocolate Maltesers for several years, adding: “We’re proud to have developed this new innovation and we can’t wait for everyone to taste the new product.”

The new flavour will be available in single packs, treat bags, pouches and More to Share bags before the end of June.


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