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What Is Ethanol Used For?

Ethanol is a widely used and recognised substance found in many different types of products, from drinks and cosmetics to household cleaners. 

It is a clear, inflammable liquid that can be easily dissolved in water and other liquids. It is a natural byproduct of the fermentation of plant matter. Ethanol in its purest form is not safe for human consumption, however, it is found in many alcoholic beverages and food products when diluted.

Ethanol is found in many household cleaning products. As it is highly effective in killing bacteria and viruses, it is often used in cleaning products as an antibacterial agent. Similarly, it is often found in products such as hand sanitiser for this reason. 

Another way ethanol is used is in personal care products such as cosmetics and skincare. Due to its antibacterial properties, it works to keep them sanitary, as well as helping to sanitise the skin. 

It is also used as a preservative and binding agent to keep products stable and prevent them from separating, as well as ensuring they remain fit for use. 

Ethanol is also used in fuel. Most fuels contain up to ten per cent ethanol. The use of ethanol in fuel can help to reduce air pollution. This is because ethanol burns more cleanly than petrol and diesel. 

Ethanol is also used as a food additive in food colouring and flavour extracts. It can help enhance the flavour of extracts as it does not dilute the flavouring in the same way that water would. 

When used in food colourants, it creates the perfect base for colouring and pigment to be mixed into and allows for even distribution. It can also be used to dilute shades to make them more workable. 

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