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York Bar Breaks Gin Record

Organic grain alcohol is the basis of much of the recent artisan spirit movement, though the pubs they are sold in are pretty important too!

A pub in York has recently broken the world record for the highest number of gins to be sold in a single place, with 1,028 gin varieties on offer.

The Evil Eye Lounge now has so many varieties of gin that if you drank a different variety every day there, it would take you more than two years and nine months to try the entire selection.

Owner Shelley Green said she had the idea to try and get into the Guinness Book of World Records after her son got a copy of the book for Christmas.

A video made about the  bar has gone viral and has received over 3.8 million views on YouTube.

The bar is both a bar and a shop, so you can pick up a bottle of your favourite gin to take home if you wish. There is also a very popular gin garden out the back, which would be perfect once better weather arrives.

Gin bars have increased hugely in popularity in recent years, with many more traditional pub making sure they have a range of gins on hand for. The gin connoisseurs who keep walking through the doors. Now you can expect to be offered much more choice than your standard Gordons and Bombay Sapphire for your G&T.

Head down to the Evil Eye Lounge to find your poison.